Our Services

CITY’s services include some key programs that are designed to give our clients the best possible way to achieve their dreams of living productive, independent lives as productive members of their community.

Community Based Support Services Day Program

Day Program clients get involved in activities throughout the communityAs part of CITY’s Day Program, clients get involved in activities throughout the community, with support staff present to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. Through this support service, clients participate as valuable members of their community, meet new people, and learn enduring life skills. With a 3:1 ratio of clients to support staff, individuals volunteer at one of six volunteer sites:

  • Pasadena Animal Shelter,
  • Lanterman Garden,
  • La Canada Community Center,
  • Thrift Alley,
  • Local Churches and
  • Adopt-a-Block Glendale Program.

In addition to volunteering and getting involved with community life, individuals within our Day Program are taught basic life skills such as learning to do laundry, cook, and budget; along with reinforcing post high-school academic skills . One of the goals of CITY’s Day Program is to prepare individuals for the real world and provide opportunities for community integration. There have been successes within this program, and clients have been well prepared enough to go out and join work enclaves.

Independent Living Skills (ILS) & Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

CITY-All-People-can-Live-Meaningful-LivesThere are numerous clients who require support and training to carry out activities necessary in their daily lives. CITY’s ILS Service trains and supports individuals in various areas within their daily lives. Our ILS Service is customized to the specific needs of the individual. Before clients are accepted into the program, CITY conducts an extensive ILS assessment. This assessment, along with input from their Individual Program Plan, counselors and family determines what areas need to be addressed and undertaken by the ILS instructor. ILS activities may include assistance with making and following through with doctor appointments, help creating and implementing a budget, cooking instruction, and learning to do laundry, to name a few.

Personal Assistance Services (PAS) are the same as ILS Service but with different administrative requirements.


 Mobility Training Services

024This service allows clients to gain the skills that allow them to safely and independently get around their community. CITY’s Mobility Training Service therefore gives an immense freedom to individuals who without this training would have to rely on others to move about their community. Individuals work closely with coaches to learn where relevant bus stops are, about bus fares, where certain routes take them, and safety information; all necessary to the eventual mobility independence of the client. Coaches work step by step alongside the client doing destination training to specific, practical locations such as work, the supermarket, etc., until the clients are ready to safely use public transportation independently.