CITY Community Services (Community, Integration, Training, and You )

We provide services for adults with disabilitiesIf you are an adult with a disability, then CITY Community Services provides services that can help you achieve your dreams of improving your life.

CITY began in 1982 as a public schools based educational program serving 9 students with severe disabilities. The program began by serving students who were transitioning from high school special education programs into community based activities. By 1993 the adult services had grown so large that the school district and CITY split into what is now known as CITY Community Services. Today CITY serves over 250 adults as they work, play and live in their communities.

Serving Adults With Disabilities

Over the years, CITY has provided support to over 1000 people, fostering independence and community integration for people with differing abilities.

Increasing quality of life- providing services for adults with disabilitiesd-Quality-of-LifeCITY provides support throughout greater Metropolitan Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Glendale areas.

CITY provides services such as Independent Living Skills training (including Personal Assistance Services), Day Program, and Mobility Program.  Each of these emphasizes community integration. CITY  has always, and continues to provide systems of support that assist people in making significant contributions to their communities and in realizing their dreams.

CITY believes in the possibilities of all people to live meaningful lives through employment, recreation and relationships.